Q. What if I’m not flexible, is yoga right for me?

A. Yes, If you’re not flexible, how will you ever become flexible?  Maintaining our mobility is what keeps our bodies healthy as we age.  As long as you do your best in each pose, you will get 100% of the benefits. – including increased flexibility.  If you add heat it just makes the process go even faster.

Q. What should I expect for my first class?

A. You will probably find your first couple classes to be the most challenging. Often this is because yoga is new and unfamiliar. As you learn the postures, your body will adjust and it becomes much more natural. Your body will also adapt to the temperatures, after a few classes. Most students feel amazingly detoxified and relaxed after their first class.

Q. Can I practice if I have a health condition?

A. Yoga helps strengthen your immune system, and the body. Doctors now recommend yoga as a form of treatment or therapy for many physical and mental health conditions.

Q. What is hot yoga?   

A. The heated room is what makes it hot yoga. Our studio is designed carefully with a specific combination of heat and humidity. It will be monitored and controlled throughout the class!

Q. Why is the heat beneficial?

A. The body warms up quickly, so muscles become more flexible which allows for a deeper, safer, stretch. Eventually eliminating pain and physical limitations by releasing tight muscles, due to overuse or tension. The heat also aids in detoxifying the body. It increases the heart rate for an excellent cardiovascular workout. It also builds strength by putting muscle tissue in an optimal state. Speeds up metabolism, burning fat and calories.

Q. Why is humidity beneficial?

A. Increased moisture in the air is more likely to make you sweat, rather than the temperature! Major benefits come from detoxifying the body by sweating, because the skin is the largest organ of the body. And the more people in the room, the more moisture from our breath, the more we sweat. Most experts agree that the optimal humidity when considering lung function for protection against colds, flu and other respiratory problems is around 60-70% . Enjoy the sweat! It is doing you so much good on many different levels!

Q. What should I wear to class?

A. Wear lightweight, breathable attire (like shorts, leggings, active-wear) – no shoes or socks worn during class

Q. What do I bring?

A. Bring a mat, towel, and water bottle.

Q. How many calories do you burn during a class?

A. Approximately 600-1200 calories per class.

Q. Should I eat and drink beforehand?

A.. It’s very important to hydrate your body 24 hours before, but stop eating 2 hours before class.

Enough questions already!  Come experience!  We recommend that you give it at least 4-5 classes to begin, but most everyone feels amazing after their first class.