Lisha Newhall

“I found yoga in my early 20s while studying English at UNLV. My first class was a disaster. I couldn’t touch my toes, my poses looked nothing like those of the “pretzels” around me, and I fell gracelessly out of all the balance poses. Still, something about it called to me, so I continued a casual practice, but it wasn’t until a decade or so later that I truly found yoga. I was stressed, feeling trapped professionally, battling with anxiety and insomnia, and when the conventional paths (doctors, therapy, medication, etc.) weren’t cutting it for me, I plunged myself into any and every yoga class I could find. Each class gave me a sense of peace I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I wanted to learn more, so in 2011 I signed up for a 200 hour teaching certification course. During that nine months of training, I went through a total self-transformation. Not only could I finally touch my toes and fly into some killer arm balances, I learned how to flip the script on my negative emotions, relax my mind and body, and overcome the physical and mental manifestations of stress. Above all else, I was happier. I consider it to be a privilege to share these gifts with others. I believe yoga should be accessible to all, regardless of age, level of ability, body type or physical limitations, so my goal with each class is to create a positive, compassionate atmosphere where students can confidently build their practice and experience the joy of a balanced mind/body connection. When not yoga-ing, I enjoy outdoor activities, swimming, cooking, reading and trying to keep pace with my two very rambunctious little girls.”

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