Stephanie Howard

Stephanie began practicing yoga in 2009 after years of sports related injuries. In 2011, after healing her body she opened the first Yoga Hot Spot studio in Yakima. One year later she opened the second in Ellensburg. In 2013, she opened the 3rd studio in Vancouver. At that time, she opened her Yoga School and since then has been training, educating, and certifying new teachers all over the Pacific Northwest!

Stephanie has continued to study and learn from some of the most renowned yoga teachers in the world including Tim Miller, David Williams, Kino McGreggor, and Leslie Kaminoff, author of “Yoga Anatomy”. She studied kinesiology, the science of movement with Brian Dorfman, Kinesiologist to the Olympians in a 500 hour Yoga Therapist program in San Diego, California. Stephanie has studied many diffident styles of yoga, but prefers traditional yoga styles because of mental and physical benefits.

In recent years, her extensive physical yoga practice led her to search for the deeper aspects of yoga. Along with her regular yoga practice, she began practicing meditation, where she eventually found Vipassana, Mindfulness Mediation. In 2017, she spent 20 days in deep silent meditation. This specific style of meditation involves mastering the mind. She enjoys helping guide her students to re-wire the habit patterns of the mind.

As a Yoga Therapist, Stephanie is devoted to studying the human body and mind. She is an expert at assessing complex body mechanics and has helped thousands of people heal from injuries. Her students become more self aware and learn to take responsibility for their own health and vitality.

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