Scott Hermann

I was born and raised in Oregon and moved to Yakima in 2017. After playing baseball in college I worked as a golf professional for 14 years. When I discovered yoga I realized that there was so much more to life that I was missing. Once I started practicing regularly I lost 30 pounds, started to feel stronger and learned how to connect with my breath. The connection to the breath has been the biggest thing for me not only in yoga but also in my everyday life. I have been in teacher training with Stephanie Howard and also have been lucky enough in the past year to work with Tim Miller, Eagle and even spent two weeks in Greece with David Williams. My experience with all of these great teachers has been invaluable in giving me the opportunity to see different ways of approaching the practice of yoga. But the biggest lesson I have learned is that yoga should feel wonderful! It is not a contest or a performance, rather it is a chance for you as an individual to make it whatever you need it to be to feel better. I am excited to be able to share the lessons that I have learned with all of you and look forward to helping people, all while having a little fun along the way!

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