Tori & Bob Yaap

Tori- I needed yoga and just didn’t know it. In 2011 I was VERY busy with 5 year old twins and a 2 year old. I was struggling. On the first day of a two week summer day camp for all three kids I wandered into the studio, just to ask about classes. Next thing I knew, I was lying on my brand new mat in my first yoga class ever. Tears slid down my face as I realized that I had just spent an entire hour without talking or being asked for anything. I was hooked. I went thru teacher training with Stephanie excited to share the knowledge I was given with as many people as possible. Yoga changed my life from the inside out and has helped me be a more patient person, friend, wife and mom. When I get grumpy, my kids tell me it’s time to do some yoga.

Bob- I saw the changes in my wife almost immediately. She asked me to go with her to class for about 6 months before I finally said yes. Although, secretly I was convinced that she was somehow tricking me into some version of a chic-flick. But sitting long hours at work had my low back & neck aching. I was getting headaches and having sciatic nerve pain, so what did I have to lose? Within weeks all my pain was gone. I joined Tori for teacher training just wanting to learn more for myself but ended up really enjoying helping people heal their own bodies.

When the chance to buy our ‘home’ studio came up we realized that this would be an incredible opportunity to share with Ellensburg the healing, transformative, & powerful practices of Yoga.

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